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Fresh, Clean water for 3500 villagers

The Rotary clubs of Exeter Southernhay and Hemel Hempstead raised the funds to provide clean water to the villagers of N'Giresi. The Rotary club of Arusha Mount Meru managed the project and worked with the local villagers to achieve the goal. more details
N'Giresi Water Project

N’giresi village is situated 7 kms NNE of Arusha, on the slopes of Mt. Meru. The local tribe is the Wa Arusha and they are all farmers. They are related to the Masai tribe but have gradually shifted from pastoralism to agriculture. Some Wa Arusha still live in the traditional bomas and others try to build stone houses. Some depend on income from their cows and others have cultivated large plots. As the village is situated on the slopes of Mt Meru farmers are applying terraces to avoid soil erosion. Wa Arusha live together with their cattle and goats in the same house
Prior to our project the Villagers got their water from surface water ditches (dug 25 years ago), but these are contaminated from wildlife and domestic animals in addition to human waste. There were no storage facilities to level out the highs and lows of the water flow.

As a result of our project there is piped water to the primary school. On our visit we saw the source of the water and observed the filtration pipes and newly formed small reservoir. We then walked the length of the pipeline down to the large 10,000 gallon tank, often passing the disgusting old open channel water, which remains for those villagers who can't yet get clean water.  Then the water is piped further down the hill to the school.

During our visits we met with N'Giresi Village Chairman Mzee Lotti, Lower Village Elder Elis, Secretary, Benjamin Loitopuaki Mollel  + 3 committee ladies (there are 10 on committee). We also met with the Official Government Water Engineer, Mahammed Lazier.
We were entertained with songs from the Women's choir, the Masai and the primary school children.  We then had the official turning on of the water supply to everyone's joy.  We also visited the secondary school, which will have water in phase 2 of the project. For full details see www.mountmeru.350.com

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