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L'Oasis Lodge
L'Oasis Lodge
Driven by the establishment of the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda), Arusha has very much the feel of a boom town. We received numerous differing estimates of its population but the general view is that it could now be as high as 500,000.
Three years ago there was only one roundabout - with the sign showing the centre-point of Africa between Cairo and Capetown. Now there are 3 roundabouts.
Arusha's recent installation of its first set of traffic lights, together with a pedestrian crossing, has brought chaos to the centre of town. Nobody appeared to know whether they should be walking or driving and a few people have been knocked down in addition to a host of collisions. The police are in constant attendance around the lights and are prone to wield the baton at locals who "get it wrong".  A very enlightened approach towards civic responsibility!
To add to the traffic chaos, wedding photographs are taken in centre of the Impala Roundabout because it has a fountain. We were held up in traffic because of visits by the President, the Assistant President and the President of Botswana on 3 of the 5 days that we were out and about in town!

We stayed at the excellent L'Oasis Lodge with friendly, very helpful staff, excellent food and accommodation. Sipping a drink in the garden with the birds of paradise roaming around us was a great way to relax.
Lake Duluti
Nearby Lake Duluti is picturesque and peaceful with the Jacaranda trees in full purple bloom. The locals thought the Lake was cursed and contained monsters - it is very dark (because it is very deep) and the water level never changes, despite droughts or heavy rains. 

N’Giresi Water Project 

The installation of a pipeline and water tank to supply fresh, clean water to the primary school and villagers of N'Giresi. There is a secondary tank and stand pipe at the school so the children can fill the containers to take home.
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Usa River Children's Centre

Home to 35 children aged between
5 and 22. Most go to school, some are at a weekly boarding school and one is at university. The centre operates with 4 volunteers, mostly Danish and 8 staff.  more info

Olyset Mosquito Nets

22 million anti-mosquito nets are made, with a target for 30M.
Permethrin is incorporated inside the Olyset fibres to create a bed net guaranteed to last at least five years (in reality it lasts for about 7 years).  It is tear-proof, wash-proof, and never requires treatment. Because it poses
minimal toxic risk to humans, Olyset is particularly valuable for pregnant women, babies and small children. more info

Tengeru College Water System

A PapaPump and water piping was installed into Tengeru College by the Devon Young Farmers. They carried the pump to Tengeru and spent two weeks digging the trenches and pits, then installed the pump which takes clean water up a hill to the college. The pump was donated by a company in North Devon, UK 
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