Eclipse at the Top of the World
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It is very rare to pass another ship in the cold Arctic waters.
However, we passed 2 ships making this a record voyage.

Kapitan Khlemnikov
On our first morning at sea we met with another Russian
icebreaker – the khlemnikov.  Having sailed through the
north east passage she had not seen another ship for
25 days. We had a little ceremony of encircling her a few
times and then hooting as we went on our merry way.


Passing Ships
In the early hours of the 2nd day, upon our return from the North Pole we passed our sister ship, the Yamal. She appeared out of the thick fog on her way to the North Pole.  We were originally due to sail on the Yamal but this was changed about 6 weeks before our departure when we were told that we were going on the new 50 Years of Victory. Again, our ship circled the Yamal before each continuing on our way, using the path through the ice that the other had carved.