Eclipse at the Top of the World
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On Friday, 25th July, we all assembled on deck for the countdown to our arrival at the North Pole. At 01.56 we celebrated our arrival with a glass of champagne and a group photo before retiring to bed for some sleep.
At 10am we all assembled on the ice, formed a circle and walked around the North Pole. The Captain welcomed us all to the North Pole. Several people took a plunge into the icy waters at the stern of the ship.
We walked around and took photos of the ship and pulling the ship. (It probably took a few hours to slowly wedge the ship onto the ice without breaking too much ice around the hull)
Had a BBQ lunch on the ice. Helicopter rides in the afternoon followed by hot chocolate (with rum). We had dinner on the ship and left the Pole in the evening.
What does one do at the North Pole after walking around the world in about one minute, – well, given good weather you can go for a walk, take a helicopter ride, go for a swim, sunbathe, eat ice-cream or even have a game of golf!
The North Pole
North Pole
Flags of the nations of poeple on the ship
Pulling the ship into position
Time for a quick dip
In goes Nike
That's cold!
North Pole
Our expedition team
Eating ice cream at the North Pole
Playing Golf at the North Pole
Time for a rest
Walking on ice
Blue ice

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Polar Ice
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