Eclipse at the Top of the World
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The days passed by fairly quickly with so much to do. There were lectures, Tai Chi classes, helicopter rides, evening films, a tour of the engine room and an evening BBQ on deck.
There was an auction night with the main item - a hand-illustrated map with our course and signed by the crew and team sold for $26,000. Jan made the auction more into a comedy show – it was very entertaining and raised over $48,000 for the Polar Bear conservation.
Of course, I have to mention the fantastic food created by the Austrian kitchen team. We dined on gourmet meals for two weeks – time to find the gym!
  Polar Bear Biology
  Introduction to Geology and Geological Time – 4,600,000,000 years in under 1 hour
  The Spirit and Mechanics of Photography
  The Agony & Ecstasy – The ups and downs of Bird Watching
  A Geographical Introduction to the Arctic
  The Greatest Explorer in the North – Fridtjof Nansen
  Photography – Exposure
  Introducing Eclipses: the Greatest Celestial Coverup
  Behind the scenes of Planet Earth
  The Race to the North Pole
  Recap of our voyage so far and briefing for arrival to the North Pole
  Icebreaker Technology
  Wandering Continents, Spreading Apart p Plate Techtonics and the Forming of the Arctic
  Photography – Shutter Speed and Depth of Field
  Polar Bear status and conservation
  The Sun – Our Star in Reality, Myth, History and Art
  Early Navigation and Longitude
  Franz Josef Land – the Final Frontier
  Plants of the Arctic
  Behind the Scenes on The Blue Planet
  Recap and Briefing on Franz Josef Land
  Enjoy the Eclipse
  Poles Apart… Why are there Polar Bears at the North Pole and Penguins at the South Pole
  Photography and video workshop ready for the eclipse
  Polar Bears on thin ice!
  Atmosphere, Weather and Climate. Structure of the Atmosphere, Air Masses, Extreme
              Climates and the Aurora
  The North West Passage
  Eclipse & North Pole Sea Chart
  Arctic Tales: Mutiny, Murder and Mayhem

        Henry Hudson, Elisha Kent Kane & Chartles Francis Hall
  Slideshow of the Voyage

Passing the hours on the Ship