Taiwan and China
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From Taipei we explored the surrounding area and northern coast. Thereafter, we travelled down the west coast to Kaohsiung then across to the east coast via Hualien to the Toroko Gorge.


Taiwan is 99 miles (160 km) wide at its narrowest point and 242 miles (410 km) in length.

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Most associate Taiwan with electrical goods and computers (Made in Taiwan), some perhaps as the refuge of Chiang Kai-shek after his defeat by Mao’s communist forces in 1949. Less well known is that it was colonised by the Dutch and Spanish before the Japanese took over in 1895, bringing the island into the 20th Century, before it achieved independence with peace in 1945.


Known as Isla Formosa (Beautiful Island), this is what a group of Portuguese sailors, said to have been the first Westerners to lay eyes on the island, uttered upon seeing Taiwan for the first time.


Taiwan is a beautiful island in Asia featuring amazing landscapes with oversized sea cliffs and forested mountains, a large diversity of museums, rich local culture filled with colourful Taoist and Buddhist temples and a wide variety of mouth-watering Taiwanese and Japanese delicacies.


Having visited Beijing many times in the past, this trip was primarily to explore the trendy area of Sanlitun, which is a small scale urban community based around various shopping, dining, culture and art scenes.

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