Myanmar and Thailand
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Yangon, Myanmar’s colonial capital, is a city of dilapidated grandeur with several Victorian buildings in between the busy traditional markets and fascinating street life.

We called in to see the old colonial Stand Hotel with its old bar where people used to call in just to smell the odour of the cheroots (thick cigars). We passed Scott Market which is crammed with colourful, aromatic and exotic vegetables and local handicrafts.


Unlike the rest of Myanmar there are no motorbikes, and bicycles/trishaws are not allowed on the main streets of the city. This law was introduced to cut the accident rate, but it seems to have resulted in greater traffic congestion.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda, arguably Asia’s greatest Buddhist temple, rises 99 metres (326ft)  high on the hill and its 60 tons of pure gold glows beautifully in the sun, dominating the entire city. Shwedagon Pagoda enshrines the relics of the three earlier Buddhas and eight hairs of Gautama Buddha. The very top is tipped with a 76 carat diamond. Legend has it that Schwedagon Pagoda is 2500 years old.