Myanmar and Thailand
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Magwe is a city of approx. 200,000 people. We crossed the 2930m Irrawaddy Bridge to visit the Nga Ka Pwe Taung (Dragon Lake)  which is a burping pool of butane gas and mud that has created a few acres of lunar-like terrain with bubbling pools. It is the custom to feed the dragon with a milky solution and to present it with a rose.

We visited Myat Thalon, a gilded stupa that occupies a hilltop site from which we enjoyed the view and sunset over the Irrawaddy River. We passed the stalls selling knives as we exited the stupa. We walked back along the river.

The following day we took a city tour by local rickshaw. We were fortunate to see a ceremony where the young children are taken to the monastery for their compulsory introductory three days. At the end of the days they are asked if they want to stay or return home to their family. See Buddhism

We made a stop at a public park to see a statue of Aung San, then on to visit to a blacksmith who mainly made betel nut crackers. A local boy followed our group on foot and was keen to see the ‘Tourists’. We then visited a large local market before returning to the boat for lunch.