South Korea & Shanghai, China
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Tour of South Korea

The fifth largest city in the world, Seoul has a population of about 10.3 million. Surrounded by mountains on all sides and Namsan (South Mountain) in the centre, it is mix of old markets, historic temples,new high rise officesand the relaxing recreation walkway of Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown.
Seoraksan National Park

With its high craggy peaks, boulder-strewn streams of crystal clear water, large waterfalls, unusual rock formations, and forests of pine and hardwood, it is certainly one of the beautiful places in South Korea.


Temple sites with weathered stone pagodas, royal tombs, Buddhist bas-reliefs, and fortress ruins are scattered throughout the countryside surrounding this ancient city.
Jeju Island
Known as the "Island of the Gods," with its botanic gardens, 27 km of lava tubes and unusual rock formations, it’s a very
popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese.

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Shanghai Expo 2010

Held on both banks of the Huangpu River that flows through the city of Shanghai, the 2010 World Expo is deemed to be the largest ever at 5.28 square kilometres (the size of 1000 football pitches). The budget allocated by China was just under $40 billion – more than the cost of staging the 2008 Olympics.


Shanghai Sightseeing

The bustle of Shanghai city, a stoll along the Bund, back in time the Old City and YuYuan gardens, exploring Xin Tian Di and the Dongtai Lu antiques market,
the antiquity of the suburb town of Zhujiajiao, to the surreal experience of a walk in the gardens alongside hospital patients in pyjamas...