Shanghai, China
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The Old City
Located to the south of the Bund, the old Chinese city was a walled fishing town when the British arrived in 1843. Modern Shanghai grew up around it. It used to be a maze of tiny alleys, but the streets have been widened in recent years and are crowded with tourists.
At the center of the Old City are the Chenghuang Temple and the Yu Garden, in which stands the Huxining Teahouse, said to be the model for the design on the willow-pattern plates much loved by Europeans in another era. The Bridge of Nine Turns zigzags to make it difficult for evil spirits to get across (since, as is well known, evil spirits have problems with corners).

The Yuyuan Garden
The Yuyuan Garden is a classical Suzhou Chinese garden, covering 5 acres, with over 30 pavilions linked by a maze of corridors and bridges over ponds. It is home to the 600 year old Tea House.
The garden is divided into six areas:
  • Grand Rockery  made of huangshi stone (12 m high), featuring peaks, cliffs, winding caves and gorges. This scenery was possibly created by Zhang Nanyang in the Ming Dynasty.
  • Heralding Spring Hall (Dianchun) - built in 1820, the first year of the Emperor Daoguang’s reign.
  • Inner Garden - rockeries, ponds, pavilions, and towers, first laid out in 1709 and more recently recreated in 1956 by combining its east and west gardens.
  • Jade Magnificence Hall (Yuhua) - furnished with rosewood pieces from the Ming Dynasty.
  • Lotus Pool - with a zigzag bridge and mid-lake pavilion.
  • Ten Thousand-Flower Tower (Wanhua)

Tea Tasting in the old Teahouse
In the centre of YuYuan Gardens is the old teahouse. We stopped to partake in some tasting of the teas, each with different properties to aid longevity of life. Teas included Gan piece, golden lotus, ganodermalucidum, tobacco mosaic, sweet tea, liu liu, dai dai, huangxian, hei yu, huang luo and jasmine. Many of the premium teas are from Tibet.

The Streets around the Old City
Close to the gardens is Shanghai's bazaar, a great number of small streets and lanes where vendors sell their products and food stuffs to the tourists and local people.

350pages - simply the best!