Jeju, South Korea
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Hallim Park was established in 1971 on barren land in Hyeopjaeri which was covered with tons of earth and planted with assorted subtropical plants. The plants are divided into 16 sectors including the Tropical Botanical Garden, Washingtonia Palm Garden, Foliage Plant Garden, Palm Tree Garden, Kiwi Fruit Garden Bonsai Garden and Water Gardens.

Hyeopjae and Ssangyong Caves are two of several caves located in Hallim Park. Unlike most lava tubes, these caves contain a number of stalagtites and stalagmites. Ssangyong Cave is the only two-dimensional cave in the world (a cave that has another cave inside). Ssangyong means "double dragon."


Animal life in the park includes Lizards, snakes and many birds including rare albino white peacocks.


The Bonsai Gardens, Azalea Gardens and Water Gardens

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