Upon arrival to Moorea lsland, we were awestruck by its natural beauty. Its jagged peaks, cloaked by lush greenery and encircled by the deep blue of the ocean and sky are everyone's dream of Polynesia. Located across the 12 mile Sea of the Moon from Tahiti the 20 sq mile is a blend of mountain, jungle, lagoon and sea in a dreamlike landscape.


After a 10 minute boat ride we arrived off the coast of Motu Fareone. We were kitted with a large helmet and descended down the boat ladder to commence our underwater walk with the stringrays. Our guide fed them so we had a closeup view and were able to touch them.

Early Polynesians named this island Tahiti-Iti, meaning the little fish of Tahiti. It has also been known as Almeo and Fe’e. It’s only in recent times that the island was named Moorea.


Moorea is a rugged mountainous island roughly triangular in shape, measuring approximately 10 miles (16 km) on each side. The lush tropical vegetation, white sandy beaches and small villages spread along the coast make the 37 mile (60 km) drive along the island's coastal road most pleasurable.

The coral reef surrounding the island is approximately half to three quarters of a mile from shore and has many areas to pass, unlike some of the other Society lslands.


Geologically the island is an ancient Volcano whose northern side has been down faulted by the sea. Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay on the North coast are old craters taken by the sea. Both Bays have been used by many film makers as backdrops for their productions.


Over millions of years the island has eroded into cliffs and jagged peaks. Perhaps the most famous peak to be seen on the island is that of Mouaroa, better known to many as Mitchener's ‘Bali Hai’. Belvedere vista point offers spectacular views of the magnificent Bays, Peaks and Valleys of the North side.


After Tahiti and Bora Bora, Moorea receives the greatest number of visitors, not only tourists but also inhabitants of Tahiti who enjoy spending their weekends and vacations on its white sand beaches.

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