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Northern Lights

The Northern lights are at their most frequent in late autumn and winter/early spring. October, February and March are the best months for auroral observations. The highest northern lights frequency is between 6 pm and 1 am.

To get full value from the show you should avoid the full moon and places with a lot of light as they make the experience considerably paler.

The Aurora Borealis

Seeing the northern lights is a mystical moment. Sometimes the northern lights come all together, dancing across the sky, orange, purple, green and sunset red. Other times they are simply curtains of computer-screen green or a twister of wispy light. The northern lights are never the same twice.

The Northern Lights; nature's own light show, are solar winds that meet the atmosphere in a zone around the magnetic North Pole, forming arches, waves and curls of light moving across the sky, with sudden rays of light shooting down from space.