Guatemala & Belize
Ruins, Rainforests and Reefs


Guatemala is such a fascinating and beautiful country steeped

in history with its intriguing Mayan culture.

Our journey in Guatemala never ceased to amaze us; we left with many lasting good memories. The picturesque, volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan - home to Fishermen out in their rustic boats whilst the indigenous women dressed in multi-coloured outfits do their cotton dyeing and weaving. Market day in Chichicastango - a colourful, vibrant occasion not to miss. Equally colourful is the cemetery. Colonial Antigua -  a town of major historical significance with beautiful buildings, albeit many standing as ruins as a result of earthquakes For a grand finale, Tikal, the greatest Mayan religious center yet discovered - an unforgettable towering temple-city, where thousands of structures have been cleared from the surrounding jungle.


Our trip to Belize was primarily for sport and relaxation rather than exploring the Mayan sites in the mountains. Sadly, we couldn’t get the full enjoyment of activities due to the bad weather. Chaa Creek a lodge of private palm-thatched cabins in the lush forests of the Maya Mountains - the canoeing, kayaking and tubing on the river and into the caves were cancelled due to the heavy rainfall (apparently unusual for this time of year). Lighthouse Caye for snorkelling/diving in the clear turquoise waters of the Belize Barrier Reef, with its famous Great Blue Hole - teeming with intriguing marine life, including beautiful coral formations and hundreds of species of exotic fish.                                     

Belize Zoo

This great little zoo can be visited in about 1 hour. It  is very interesting with informative but light-hearted signage. The animals can easily be seen as their compounds are not large (which is probably not too good for some of the larger animals).
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