The Big Five

Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir, Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf and Giant River Otter

Our first off the list was the unique and rare nocturnal Maned Wolf which is a bit like a fox and a bit like a wolf with very long dark legs and big ears, but it’s related to neither. They are hard to find so we had to travel far into a remote area to see them. Next was the Brazilian Tapir, mostly nocturnal, and we managed to see two at night and one during the day! Then came the utterly weird giant anteater, another nocturnal animal, that wandered into our lodge. (Photo taken by torchlight). We saw some Giant River Otters en route to our Flotel in the Pantanal, then we also saw a few families along the rivers in the Pantanal. Finally, from our boat we saw the Jaguars – 12 close-up sightings – beautiful animals! Click a thumbnail to enlarge the photo
Brazil South America’s ‘Big Five’
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