Daintree, Queensland, Australia
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Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat is a wildlife experience where visitors wander through 3 areas amongst the wildlife.

The Rainforest is a lush, tranquil environment where native species such as the endemic Boyd’s Forest Dragon, Eclectus Parrots and the endangered Southern Cassowary can be viewed in a natural setting. The raised walkway allows you to experience different levels of the rainforest.

In the Wetlands an array of wading birds can be seen foraging for fish. There are a host of macropods, fruit bats, black necked storks and a multitude of bird species can be found.

The Grasslands is an open-air exhibit that portrays both inland and coastal plains.  There’s a range of macropods from the statuesque Eastern Grey Kangaroo to the petite Parma Wallaby.  The billabong is home to turtles, frogs and a range of waterfowl. This open area attracts many wild bird varieties that fly in to utilising the area as a refuge for breeding. There’s also a lagoon for Estuarine and Freshwater crocodiles. You can also see the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, a rare tree-climbing kangaroo found only in the rainforests of The Wet Tropics.