Great Barrier Reef Cruise
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Ribbon Reefs & Rachael Carson Reef

The ten Ribbon Reefs stretch along the Eastern outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef between Lookout Point and Cape Tribulation. They have spectacular coral and an abundance of marine life offering some of the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Firstly, we cruised to the seldom visited Ribbon Reef No 9 on the outer Great Barrier Reef, from where we could see the waves breaking on the outer edge of the reef.  We snorkelled and scuba dived off the back off the ship and also went out on the glass bottomed boat.

We moored overnight at the spectacular Ribbon Reef No 3 on the Outer Great Barrier Reef. The coral garden was stunning and there was an abundance of fish. Again, we enjoyed a trip on the glass bottomed boat, snorkelling and scuba diving.


Rachael Carson Reef

We then cruised south along the line of the outer Barrier Reef to the Rachel Carson Reef. Wow, what a reef – an abundance of coral and fish. After the water activities there was a display tank on the ship showing some of the marine life. In the evening, we enjoyed our final memorable night cruising the Great Barrier Reef.

President Clinton names this reef during his visit in November, 1996. Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964) was an American marine biologist and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.