Myanmar and Thailand
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Mae Klong Railway market

We drove about 40 miles west of Bangkok to Samut Songkram to experience the unique Mae Klong (name of the local river) market situated on the railway tracks. The market is sheltered by low-hanging awnings and the crowd weave their way down the centre of the railway track in between the vendors.


Four times a day, a siren sounds and in a flash the market transforms – the stall holders scurry to move their wares, roll back their stalls and hold back the poles supporting their awnings whilst the shoppers disappear into the sides. The market comes to a standstill to make way for the train to pass. It is such a tight squeeze that the train travelling at about 15mph almost touches the produce as it passes through. Once the train is gone, the vendors push back the stalls and awnings into position and everything goes back to normal as if nothing has happened. The cost to rent a plot is 100baht per day.

Khoa San Road – old city of Bangkok

Bangkok's 1km long Khaosan Road, located in the old city area, is a thriving community that caters to the every need of the budget traveller, from cut-priced airfares and accommodation, to shopping, bars, clubs, tattoo shops and massage parlours. You can even buy a false ID card!


Tha Kha floating market

This is a genuine, interesting local market unlike the touristy Damnoen Saduak (described as “a floating market on tourist steroids”. The locals are very friendly. We took a paddle boat trip to see the local farmer and his family making coconut sugar from the sap of the coconut tree.

Amphawa Floating Market is opened on weekends only from about 3pm to 9pm. There are plenty of food stalls and shops selling quality handicrafts, many of which are unique and not found elsewhere.


King Rama II Memorial Park, Amphawa - The park was developed to honour the birthplace of King Rama II. There are four traditional Thai style buildings & botanical gardens.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market is now firmly on the tourist map. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors go there to sift through the goods on offer on more than 8,000 market stalls.  If you have a weekend in Bangkok it’s worth a visit. 

Asiatique, Riverfront Night Market

This shopping and lifestyle complex incorporates a night market of small shops unlike the more typical night markets of stalls. The main shopping area is located in the old warehouses of the East Asiatic Company and this is complimented two theatres, street performers and over 40 restaurants.

Patpong District

Patpong  is an entertainment and red light district between the parallel streets of Sois and Silom. It’s a relic of the Vietnam War where the nightlife and go-go bars (ideal for picking up women) developed for the GIs who were on leave from South Vietnam and other American bases in the region. Some of the streets are blocked for the night market – which has a reputation for supplying counterfeit goods.