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October 2006
Typical traffic in Hanoi

A local Petrol Station

One size bike
There are many motorbikes. Hanoi, the capital, has 3.5M people and 2M motorbikes.  There doesn’t seem to be any laws relating to these motorbikes – crash helmets are a rarity, children often stand up, they often carry up to 5 passengers (sometimes 5 adults), carry what you like no matter what size, even a coffin..

There are also many bikes, especially in the country. We didn’t see any children’s size bikes – all bikes seem to be the same size and the children have to manage. Often one pushes and another rides as they can’t reach the pedals.
An entire family on one motobike

Even a coffin and an armchair are carried on motorbikes

Text and Photos Copyright Nova Fisher 2006